Tuesday, March 27, 2007

today's republican update

Today is a normal day in the news for Republicans. Let's look at the headlines, shall we?

Aide to Gonzales Won't Testify -- Counselor Cites Fifth Amendment Right in Refusal. Republican Monica Gooding says, thru a lawyer, that she can't testify on USA-gate "because she faces "a perilous environment in which to testify."" That is accurate. The perilous environment for a de facto Bush Administration Republican is any place where he or she is expected to tell the truth. Clearly, this is going beyond "it wasn't the crime it was the cover-up" territory. There are real crimes behind the purge, and people are getting nervous. Don't you just hate it when Congress isn't in your pocket? So inconvenient.

Smithsonian's Small Quits in Wake of Inquiry. Smithsonian head Larry "This Exhibit Sponsored by CorporationCorp" Small, appointed by de facto President Bush and the first non-scientist/non-academic to head the Smithsonian, quit because of growing revelations about his private-sector style passing on of personal expenses to his employer. Except when you do that at a bank, it's your banks profits and dividends to stockholders that pays. As Smithsonian head, you're getting into the taxpayer. Some of Small's "expenses" he charged to you and me and your one neighbor who works a lot and insists on cutting his grass at 10:30 at night include $150,000+ in utilities for his house. Because occasionally he'd throw a Smithsonian event at his mansion, he tried to pass off over $1 million in expenses as work-related. Neat trick. Hey, maybe Small can become President of The American University next -- they like egomaniacal big spenders, too.

Reagan Budget Head Stockman Is Charged With Fraud. And lest we think the corruption and attitude of the laws not applying to them is a uniquely Bush Republican thing, we see David Stockman being charged with fraud. Old habits are hard to break. I'm just surprised that Stockman was unskillful enough to actually be caught and charged.



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