Friday, March 23, 2007

the edwards

A tough break for Elizabeth Edwards and her husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. Her cancer is back. I admire their courage (especially hers), and wish them luck. (Hey, isn't this about the stage where Newt Gingrich would ask for a divorce?)

Soon, if it hasn't already happened, people will begin to question whether Edwards should quit his campaign. Well, it's their call, isn't it? It is a fair thing to consider the health of a presidential candidate. You'd like to have some confidence that a candidate can serve effectively and not be undermined by health or worse yet (Reagan) show early signs of Alzheimer's before the end of his term. Maybe John McCain won't like the fact that Elizabeth Edwards' situation brings "health" and "presidential politics" back into the same paragraph.

But the First Lady -- different question. It's an important role, but not one we vote on. The Edwards are entitled to a choice on this. It isn't easy, either way, I'm sure.



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