Saturday, January 06, 2007

governor arnie the rino

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (it still seems odd to have "governor" in front of A.S.) was sworn in for his new term Friday in California. Schwarzenegger's big accomplishments in the past year include passing the toughest legislation of any US state to reduce carbon emissions, and raising the state's minimum wage. This year, he is expected to announce plans to extend medical insurance to over 6 million California residents who don't have it.

Sounds reasonable. This is the sort of politician, who is also not anti-abortion and is not hostile to gays, that right wing Republicans denigrate as a RINO -- Republican In Name Only. That sort of attitude is beginning to drive some Republicans away, in Kansas for example, where a bunch of former Republicans ran as Democrats in 2006 and defeated loonie-right GOPsters.

Schwarzenegger isn't RINO. He's SANE. Not all of his Republican rivals can make that claim.


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