Friday, January 05, 2007

big oil using big tobacco's tactics; billions could be losers

A watchdog compares Exxon-Mobil's anti-global warming propaganda campaign with that of the tobacco industry's. Deny the science, hire nutjobs I mean "skeptics" to espouse views not shared by many if any reputable scientists, support front groups to create the illusion of a debate on the facts, etc. And it works well too, since over 60% of Americans believe there is significant scientific dispute over whether human activities are responsible for the global warming that is now well underway.

It's rarely a good thing to be compared to Big Tobacco. Difference is, Big Tobacco's lies "merely" sicken and kill millions of individuals. Exxon-Mobile's smokescreen to prevent action to mitigate climate change could be a civilization-destroying act.

And who will be around to buy gasoline then?


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