Monday, January 22, 2007

bill richardson and company

Bill Richardson says he's running for President, but I think he's really running for Secretary of State or maybe Vice President. Although I think Richardson would make a decent President, I doubt he can overcome the big leads of Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, and besides, bimbo eruptions would certainly begin should Richardson's candidacy gain traction.

As for the other presidential announcements - I'm not quite sure what to make of the whole situation. On the Republican side, McCain I think simply looks too damn old and frail to win, and I think his embrace of Iraq will begin to hurt him. Giuliani has no chance of winning a primary -- like Arnold, his social stance is too liberal for GOP primary voters, and unlike Arnold, there won't be a recall election for de facto President Bush that Giuliani could enter without needing primary voters' approval. Sam Brownback is hoping to win the vote of those who think Bush is too liberal, but that may not be a big enough group. Jeb Bush has said he has no future. Isn't there another Republican out there? A least we likely won't have to worry about Rick "Santorum" Santorum or George "Macaca" Allen.

On the Democratic side, Clinton and Obama have star power. Unfortunately, Clinton also has high negatives, and I still don't like the idea of dynastic politics. Obama, not much experience. Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has to be hoping the same lightning strikes in 2008 as in 1976, when another obscure former Governor called Jimmy Carter took the prize. John Edwards is running a smart campaign I think, and came out of the Kerry campaign relatively unscathed.

I hate that we're handicapping people 22 months before the election!


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