Monday, January 15, 2007

my eyes, my eyes

Go out into a public place, and look around you and find a blank spot -- maybe a wall, or a table in a fastfood restaurant. Look at that blank place, and cherish it, because America's enterprising advertising executives look at that same blank place and see it as a perfect spot for an ad.

Think I'm exaggerating? Have you seen the eggs stamped with ads for CBS TV shows like CSI?
And while you're at it, enjoy the relative silence on your bus, and hope that they don't start running advertisements, the way (incredible) some school buses are for their height-challenged consumers, formerly known as children.

When I see or hear advertising that annoys me - and a CBS promo on an egg would certainly qualify - I tend to think that I won't buy that particular product. But despite that conscious thought, I can't honestly say whether subliminally it gets to me. And obviously advertisers see this as some way to force people to LOOK at their damn ads, since we watch less advertising-supported TV than we used to.

So, rest your eyes on that blank window in your office while it's still just a window, and hope that it doesn't become a place for a transparent poster promoting the virtues of Prozac. And remember, Muzak isn't as bad as non-stop advertisements being aimed at your poor exposed ears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've also been abhorred by the ads on my bananas. When they start advertising inside the bananas and eggs, we'll really be in trouble.

3:27 PM  

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