Sunday, January 21, 2007

what would jeb have done?

Palm Beach Post writer S.V. Date asks in the Washington Post today, "what would Jeb do?", imagining a Jeb Bush presidency in its sixth year.

Date notes (correctly) that Jeb is far more detail-oriented than the famously intellectually lazy, in-bed-by-ten de facto president George W. Bush. And he's almost certainly right that Jeb would have handled Katrina better than George. Hell, the cashier at your local grocery store also would have done a better job than George did.

But Date, who has a book out about Jeb and obviously must hope for his own financial reasons that Jeb really doesn't retire from politics with the end of his second term as Florida governor, still thinks that Jeb would have gone into Iraq.

If Jeb is so much smarter than George (and by almost all accounts, he is), would Jeb have allowed the Wolfowitzes and Feiths and Tenets of the world to bamboozle him into a war of choice in Iraq?

As for "what would Jeb do?", let's hope we never find out.


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