Saturday, December 09, 2006

surprise, mel gibson engages in historical inaccuracies

Mel Gibson's latest flick "Apocalypto" gets a few things wrong, in ways that paint a negative image of the classic Mayan civilization. This will come as no surprise to anybody who's paid attention to Mel's career making movies (as opposed to acting). "The Last Passion of Christ" made Jews out to be lurid murderers. "The Patriot" made the English in the Revolutionary War look like Nazis in their taste for atrocity (not to mention the absurd idea that blacks were fighting on the side of independence for the slaveholding colonies. They generally supported abolitionist and emancipation-promising Britain.)

And "Braveheart" (go a bit more than halfway down the page to comments by Dan Marcus that highlights the biggest of Mel's inaccuracies/revisionist changes/lies in that movie) similarly slandered the English.

Ok -- Mel's animus against Jews and the English are well known. But my question is -- what did the Mayans ever do to Mel???


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