Tuesday, December 05, 2006

more god in the news

Continuing the accidental theme of God in the news...

The Most Important Text of American History?

If I were asked that question, I guess I'd come up with the Federalist Papers, maybe the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, maybe even Uncle Tom's Cabin. But conservative talk show host/columnist Dennis Prager says it was the Bible. He also says that Minnesota Congressman-elect Keith Ellison (a Muslim who wants to use the Koran) and everybody else should use the Bible, or don't bother running for Congress.

The Bible is more part of something that informs the religious and cultural background of the US. More important are texts that help differentiate us from other countries that also have the Bible in their religious background. At least, that's how I see it -- and no lightning bolts have hit me yet.

A Godly Candidate

Sam Brownback, the holier-than-Santorum Senator from Kansas, has announced his candidacy for the GOP's 2008 Presidential nomination. Brownback will seek the support of far-right and far-too-fundamentalist religious types in trying to grab the nomination.

If Brownback wins the nomination, this would simultaneously answer the prayers of two large groups of people -- the aforementioned right-winger theocrat types who would see Brownback as one of them, ready to execute abortionists in their very zeal to protect these God-given lives. And the Democrats, who would relish running against a guy that makes Bush look like a religious moderate.


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