Monday, December 04, 2006

a schism and a wiccan

Stealing the concept from The Daily Show, here is This Day in God...

Episcopals to Split?

The Episcopal Church may be about to undergo a schism, as two major Northern Virginia churches prepare for a vote on whether or not to associate themselves with a Nigerian church. The reason?

Those god-damn gays.

Seems some of the Episcopalians (hey, weren't they the MODERATE Christians?) resent the fact that the church named a gay bishop a few years ago. So they find themselves attracted to their Nigerian counterparts, headed by Archbishop Peter Akinola. Akinola is confident he knows what to do with gays. Not content with the usual shunning, depriving of civil rights, etc, he thinks they should be jailed. Jailed, like a rapist or a thief or an enemy combatant.

So the good people at the Falls Church and the Truro Church and other churches in Virgina, good Christians all I'm sure, get to decide whether they'd rather be associated with a church that lets gay people become bishops, or with bishops who like to jail gay people. Somehow, I suspect I know where Jesus H. Christ would come down on this one -- something about tolerance being a big part of his preaching. But I suspect they will side with intolerance and homophobia.

A Wiccan Is Buried

Sargent Patrick Stewart was buried in a state cemetary in Fernley, Nevada on Saturday, another servicemember killed in Afghanistan. A sad but common story. What made this unusual is that he is the first such person to be buried under a headstone with the Wiccan symbol, a pentagram within a circle. Nevada GOP Governor Kenny Guinn helped make sure this basic show of respect was made available to Sgt Stewart. But the federal Department of Veterans Affairs doesn't offer the Wiccan symbol as one of the 38 symbols of faith (and non-faith, atheists get something if they want) available for headstones.

Good for Guinn and Nevada. I don't mean to be a pessimist here, but I bet Sgt Stewart's headstone is vandalized soon by some Christian whose intolerance is surpassed only by his/her ignorance, and who will imagine that Wiccans are Satanists when in fact they practice a benign version of nature or Earth worship that doesn't involve human sacrifice or anything like that.


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