Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a surge in crap

Neocon Fred Kagan is all over the press pushing for a "surge" in Baghdad as a way to (maybe) bring victory to Iraq. He wants at least 30,000 troops for at least 18 months, believing their use in Baghdad may (he doesn't guarantee anything) "secure" the city and bring stability there.

Sounds dubious to me. First, 30,000 troops for 18 months isn't a "surge", it's a big ramp-up in troop levels. And it would either involve finding new troops (as Colin Powell and others have said, we don't have 30,000 idle Army soldiers and Marines just hanging out waiting for the call, they are all pretty well employed anyway) or keeping troops there longer, further stressing our ground combat forces. And to call the mission "unfocused" would be charitable.

Sorry, this isn't persuasive.


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