Friday, December 22, 2006

no more dynasties, please

Senator from God Sam Brownback actually said something I agree with. Referring to the dimming presidential prospects for Jeb "No tengo futero" (I have no future) Bush, Brownback said "People may be wanting to see a different name."

Damn right. I was tired of the "Bush" name before election night 2000. I'm ready for him to go NOW. And please please spare us any more Bushes. We can't stand any more corrupt over-reaching mediocrities and elite-favoring, disastrously visionary-in-the-wrong-cause nutjobs like Papa and Baby Bush.

Hell, I don't even want Hillary Clinton. Not because of her politics or personality, but because it's a bit of a joke that so many of our Presidential contenders in recent years have been the immediate family of Presidents or other senior US Government officials. Start with George H. W. Bush -- son of a Senator. Al Gore, son of a Senator (although incomparably smarter and better qualified to be President than ANY of the Bushes). George W. Bush -- son of a President and grandson of a Senator. Hillary Clinton -- wife of a President. John McCain -- son of the Admiral in charge of the US Navy. John Kerry -- ok bad example, he just SEEMED like the son of a President even though he wasn't from a wealthy or politically-connected family, and he only married into the Heinz family (indirectly) after becoming a Senator on his own. And a few years ago, we had a string of Kennedys seeking the top job after JFK. And look at the state of Ohio, with its Taft and Brown dynasties going back to the 19th Century. Other states have similar political families.

Give me somebody with a non-royal background like Reagan's or (Bill) Clinton's or Ford's or Nixon's, not another member of a present or putative political dynasty.


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