Wednesday, December 20, 2006

things are getting warmer out there

Two front-page articles today in the Washington Post about global warming. The Washington area now finds itself in a warmer "hardiness zone" (zones describing the sorts of plants that are able to grow there) now than it was way back in 1990. Yes, 16 years and we are seeing perceptible changes in the climate, Mr. De Facto President. Maybe we should think about doing something about it before Maine becomes like Florida -- and Florida is underwater.

Similarly, Europeans from Switzerland to Russia are unnerved by the very warm start to winter. Moscow hasn't even had its first snow of the winter yet, and bears haven't begun their hibernation. Britain's weather service says 2006 was the warmest year since they started keeping records in 1659. Birds are mating in Switzerland because they think its spring.

Of course, this warm trend for Europe could reverse itself nastily if the Gulf Stream shuts down...


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