Thursday, November 30, 2006

we won't have bill frist to kick around anymore

It's a damn shame that Bill "Skeletor" Frist has decided not to run for President in 2008. I mean, all that pandering to the right-wing has been wasted if he doesn't run. And if elected, he would have been the very best President from Tennessee since Andrew Johnson. And with the superior communications technology he would have enjoyed as President, I am sure he could have conducted many many more remote diagnoses of patients in comas or other unconscious states.

Instead, Dr. Bill says he'll go back to doctoring. Not in Tennessee though, at least not right away. He'll go to poor and civil-war-stricken countries to tend to the sick.

Doesn't sound like he's retiring from politics to me. Although I wonder if there weren't financial skeletors I mean skeletons in his closet; remember the conveniently-timed sale of stock he owned in the family business, HCA. Conveniently at a time right before that stock dropped based on news that hospital admissions were lower than expected.


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