Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oh good, another bad idea in iraq

All ideas about Iraq seem bad now, but now Nawaf Obaid, an advisor to the Saudi government, is suggesting the Saudis would protect Iraq's Sunnis if the US pulled out.

First of all, the brand of Sunni endorsed by the Saudis is particularly nasty and we don't need any more opportunity for it to be spread, especially among Iraq's relative moderate Sunnis (moderate religiously, that is).

And second, the Saudi Kingdom always seems to me just a few bad days from collapsing, with any replacement for the Saud family unlikely to include many Jeffersonian Democrats among their number. Getting involved in Iraq I have to think would radicalize and destabilize it, not to mention running the risk of entering into an armed conflict with much-stronger Iran, which sees itself as the protector of the Shiites in Iraq. Obaid even says as much in his op-ed: To be sure, Saudi engagement in Iraq carries great risks -- it could spark a regional war. So be it: The consequences of inaction are far worse.

And that's clearly the purpose of this piece -- to scare the de facto Bush Administration into staying IN Iraq, for fear of an alternative that could be even worse.

I await the next bright idea about Iraq from the White House, toes tingling with anticipation.


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