Saturday, September 30, 2006

olbermann, clinton, 9/11, cowardice

Another outstanding commentary from the last mainstream journalist not cowed by, or in the thrall of, the right-wing media (how long before MSNBC fires him, I wonder?). Keith Olbermann calls out the rightwingers who are now trying to paint Bill Clinton as responsible for 9/11 because he was distracted by Monica Lewinsky.

Olbermann notes that (1) as Clinton said on Fox last weekend, at least Clinton tried; the Bushies ignored terrorism before 9/11 because it was a Clinton priority so clearly was NOT a Republican one; (2) when Clinton bombed Bin Laden's camp in 1998 it was REPUBLICANS who accused him of trying to divert attention from his blue dress problem -- now they retroactively say he should have done more; and (3) who was it that generated the Lewinsky mess anyway? It was that Torquemada Ken Starr, Congressional Republicans, and the right-wing media feeding frenzy led by Fox News, that's who. And now the Bushies, with their Fox News surrogates leading the way, who are trying to lay this all on Clinton.

As Olbermann said, a textbook definition of cowardice.


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