Tuesday, July 18, 2006

religious liars

The theo-cons in the US have shown no compunction in breaking various of the Ten Commandments to forward their cause, which for some reason often seems to center on abortion, which is of course never mentioned in the Bible (unless I missed the 11th Commandment, "Thou shall not abort"). We already know about people who have no problem ignoring the "thou shalt not kill" commandment in targeting doctors and bombing medical clinics. And plenty of the anti-choice crowd ignore the exhortation against lying.

But it's even worse when theo-cons use Federal tax money to run "pregnancy centers" where they can lie to women about the potential risks of an abortion. A federal study found 20 of 23 such centers were giving false facts to women calling for information about abortion. They frequently give information about raised risk of cancer and other "risks" from abortions that are completely at odds with mainstream research -- i.e., not religiously motivated scientific research that does not start with a desired outcome and twist the data, Bush-Administration-going-into-Iraq-for-WMD style, to "support" their version of the facts.

Liars for Christ, Ten Commandments be damned.