Sunday, July 16, 2006

medical professionals and their beliefs

You hear more and more about medical professionals refusing to fill legal prescriptions for legal drugs, or to do legal procedures that are contrary to their religious beliefs. A few quotes from the article I think get to the gist of the issue -- you're a professional who's duty is to the patient.
Wisconsin-Madison bioethicist R. Alta Charo: "As soon as you become a licensed professional, you take on certain obligations to act like a professional, which means your patients come first. You are not supposed to use your professional status as a vehicle for cultural conquest."
Hawaii-Manoa philosophy professor Ken Kipnis: "If your religious orientation is such that you can't discharge your professional responsibilities, then you shouldn't take on those responsibilities in the first place. You should find other work."
This article doesn't address it, but I wonder whether the ability to conduct "cultural conquest" through medical work isn't attracting some people to those professions?