Friday, July 14, 2006

so, how's the middle east look now, cheney-bush?

EJ Dionne notes that with the Middle East going up in smoke, the de facto Administration's "Big Bang" argument (as made by Darth Cheney in August 2002) that taking out Iraq would bring happy days, sunshine, and peace and stability to Israel and the rest of the Middle East is ALSO obviously wrong, wrong, wrong.

Is this even open for debate anymore? Obviously, the Republican amen chorus will continue to prattle on about this, but it will take one hell of a reversal to make the Iraq invasion look like a good thing. Funny, you don't hear so much any more of their taking credit (falsely) for the Lebanese "miracle" as a positive side-effect of Iraq.

I sometimes have to strain to think of something on which our feckless I mean fearless leader has been right about. I can think of one thing, though, on which I agree with George W. Bush unreservedly -- grass IS better than astroturf for baseball.