Monday, May 29, 2006

report on good news again obstructed by death of film crew

Rumsfeld and other members of the de facto administration have repeatedly claimed that journalists in Iraq aren't reporting on the good news because they stay in their safe hotels in their safe parts of Baghdad. Seems to me that whole concept is self-contradictory enough not to survive even the most cursory analysis. But if you need further proof that Iraq is, surprise surprise, an unsafe place to report, there is the not-good news that two members of a CBS crew were killed in Baghdad today when the military convoy they were riding with was hit by a bomb; correspondent Kimberly Dozier was seriously injured.

Oh, by the way Laura Ingraham, they weren't on their hotel balcony, but unfortunately an improvised explosive device does figure in this story.

As the MSNBC article notes, over 70 reporters (Iraqi and foreign) have been killed since the invasion in 2003, and that number doesn't include the many translators, drivers, and other assistants killed in the same time.

Sure is hard to report on all the good news when you keep getting blown up. Those damn insurgents keep on threatening and killing reporters right before they get to the happy-happy-glad-glad parts of Iraq.