Tuesday, March 21, 2006

what a soriano situation

And now the Soriano situation comes to a head. Back from the World Baseball Classic, Alfonso was slotted to play left field and refused to take the field. Look for him to be suspended if he refuses to play LF on Wednesday. Hooray, the Nationals get to win a point of principle.

What a mess. This must be Jim Bowden's biggest screwup ever. He should have been suspicious when Texas refused to let him speak to Soriano before making the trade, especially since it was widely known that a couple of years back the RANGERS tried to get Soriano to go to the outfield and he refused then. Even I knew that. How do you make that deal if there is any question at all about the guy's willingness to play outfield?

So the Nationals are out Brad Wilkerson, Termel Sledge, and a prospect pitcher. Meanwhile, they have two second basemen and their rotation is a shambles. Sure could use Tomo Ohka, traded because he and Frank Robinson had a little tiff. I hope like hell the Nationals get a new owner soon so he can fire Bowden and Robinson and at least stop the bleeding.