Monday, January 30, 2006

questions for medical pros

I have some questions about the wisdom of passing laws to allow health care providers to refuse to give patients medical care based on moral or religious grounds.

Where does a patient's right to be treated end and a provider's right to refuse treatment for moral reasons begin? What happens when a conservative Christian doctor refuses to treat ANYBODY who is gay, period? What happens (to mix things up a little) when a strongly pro-environment -- maybe even Wiccan -- doctor refuses to treat a kid badly injured in a snowmobile accident because the doctor finds snowmobiling morally repugnant because it destroys nature?

What will you do when a doctor refuses to tell you your kid should get a shot against chicken pox because the vaccine was made using fetal cell cultures?

How many insurers will decide that they have a religious reason for refusing to cover a particularly EXPENSIVE medical condition? (THAT is a loophole that I could drive a school bus through.)

What if the doctors at GW Hospital had refused to treat Reagan's wounds because they WERE all Democrats?!?!