Tuesday, January 03, 2006

abramoff confesses

Jack Abramoff confesses, and agrees to testify as part of his plea. Let the squealing and fingerpointing begin.

De facto White House press spokesman Scott McClellan helpfully notes that Abramoff donated to both Democrats and Repubublicans. Like most things he says from the podium, that has some truth to it. Some -- but not much. Let the record show that the overwhelming bulk of payoffs and campaign donations were to Republicans, so they can take 95% of the blame. Abramoff wasn't just some apolitical businessman -- his ability to charge Choctaws and owners of Marianas sweatshops huge lobbying fees was based on his personal access to Republicans in power. Remember, Abramoff was with that Reagan-worshipping maggot Grover Norquist a major power in the College Republican takeover.

Abramoff is a a Republican, McClellan, a Republican through and through. One of yours. As Republican as Tom DeLay, Conrad Burns, and Bob Ney. So let's watch where Abramoff's self-serving squeals take us...