Thursday, November 03, 2005

i'm sure they don't really need those food stamps

House Republicans want to remove 300,000 people from the rolls of food stamp recipients, including 70,000 illegal immigrants. This in order to save a buck or two. The GOPsters also want to stop feeding subsidized school lunches to 40,000 kids.

Now, we shouldn't jump to conclusions about them being heartless bastards. I mean, really what will these people do with food stamps? They'll just use it to buy food, and with that sort of encouragement they'll just want to eat again. Lazy bums, if they'd just work at two full-time minimum wage jobs they could scrape ahead of the poverty level and afford that sumptious diet of Wonder bread and Smuckers jam. As for the kids who will lose their school lunches, I'm sure this is just the GOP's way of fighting child obesity.

Meanwhile, the tax-cutting for the wealthy continues. Which is good, because after all, our economic troubles only happen when we take cash out of the hands of our moral and intellectual superiors, keeping them from hiring more of us as maids and data entry slaves.