Friday, October 28, 2005

friday -- scooter, miers, and the nationals...

Libby Indicted, Quits
Cheney's man Scooter Libby has been indicted, and Fitzgerald hasn't ruled out indicting Karl Rove or others. Bush flees the capital for Camp David, after eloquently noting "I got a job to do." And with all that vacation time, he has so little time to do it, in between exercise sessions and bike rides and endless Supreme Court selections.

But the real question is, whether Fitzgerald's not-yet-finished investigation will reach beyond Cheney's right hand to Cheney himself...

Miers Aftermath
The Post's EJ Dionne correctly notes that the cannibalistic borking of Miers by the GOP's right wing undermines the previous right-wing argument that the President's choice deserves deference from the Senate. Deference ONLY if Bush picks a right-winger satisfactory to the Kristols, Krauthammers, and Ingrahams, I guess. Wonder if this would embolden Dems and moderate Repubs if Bush comes back with some judicial neanderthal?

Now, Can We Free the Nationals?
The White Sox' season is over (congrats to Sox fans) and Jerry Reinsdorf is free to focus on other matters... Can we finally free the Nationals from their long limbo and name a damn owner? Every day more damage is done -- I mean, Jim Bowden has been signed to a six-month extension. A new owner should be able to choose his OWN general manager for the winter off-season, before Bowden makes any more stupid moves like trading a decent starting pitcher because he belches while drinking a beer near Frank Robinson.