Sunday, November 13, 2005

another concert, another riot; or, it just seemed like a girl frenzy

Once again, violence has struck the world of popular music. Altamont, the stampede at the Who concert, assaults and riots at Woodstock '99, any number of fights (mostly on-stage between members of the band) at concerts by the Brian Jonestown Massacre -- and now, the horrors inherent in drug-crazed anti-establishment devil music have struck again at a Minnesota mall.

Hordes of out-of-control, screaming teenage girls, many with long hair, rushed the stage at a concert being given by the boy-band B5 yesterday. The girls grabbed at the clothing of the hapless Breeding brothers, screaming the whole time, overwhelming the mall's small, elite corps of heavily-armed, hardened security goons. The band was forced to flee for its life (and to save their clothes). Thousands of people were inconvenienced.

In the aftermath of the chaotic riot, it took mall security a full 15 minutes to restore order. Christopher Taykalo of Radio Disney, eyes still haunted by the horror of what he had witnessed, encapsulated the sheer terror of the moment -- “It just seemed like a girl frenzy."