Tuesday, September 27, 2005

what a racket

The de facto Bush administration proposes to pay religious groups for helping Katrina evacuees. Huh? These are charities, not subcontractors. These groups enjoy tax-free status, get tax-deductable donations - and now they get FEMA money too? Now, that sounds like a good deal. Maybe Halliburton should reconsider its business model.

Not all faith-based charities are keen. The head of a Southern Baptist group said "Volunteer labor is just that: volunteer. We would never ask the government to pay for it." Well said. Even Flip Benham, with Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue -- the radical antiabortion group) gets it right: "The people have been so generous to give that for us to ask for reimbursement would be like gouging for gas. That would be a crime against heaven."

It's just a way for the Bushies to make a little political hay out of the Katrina mess by bribing, excuse me, paying religious groups to remember who their friends are in Washington.