Saturday, September 24, 2005

isn't that convenient?

Let me make sure I have this straight. For years, Bill Frist refused to sell stock in his family company, HCA -- the largest hospital company in America. Conflict of interest be damned, Dr. Bill was gonna hold on to his family stock. But then, in June, Dr. Bill suddenly decides to have the "blind trust" sell the stock to avoid any conflict-of-interest concerns. What, pray tell, was the cause of the change of heart? Did Dr. Bill decide it really wasn't appropriate to be the Senate majority leader while still owning significant stock in a corporation with lots of interests before the Congress? Or was it the fact that he knew there was about to be a very disappointing report about weakening earnings?

Clearly the latter, IMHO. Otherwise, why hold it for years and years before selling? Hey, they threw Martha Stewart's ass in jail for stuff like this, maybe they'll get Dr. Bill too.

This might put an end to Dr. Bill's presidential ambitions. He'd clearly been positioning himself, pandering to the right-to-life crowd with his pathetic interventions in the Schiavo fiasco, then swinging more moderate with his recent pronouncements on stem cell research. Trouble is, Dr. Bill's Skeletor-like face and personality were gonna be tough enough to sell to Republican primary voters without the beginnings of what could be a major scandall on top of it.