Monday, September 12, 2005

somebody give fema a map, and a tasteless quote

FEMA, Meet Biloxi
In reading this article about the de facto President's return to the scene of the crime (of omission), I was stunned to read that two full weeks after Katrina hit, FEMA has yet to establish a disaster relief center in Biloxi, Mississippi. What the hell?

Even with Michael Brown resigning today, FEMA remains a laughing stock. Literally -- I was watching the news tonight and some utility guy in Los Angeles talking about the power outage there said they had things under control and joked that they didn't need to call in FEMA. Just as well, they probably would have ended up in Los Cruces, New Mexico...

Is God A Developer?
In an article about the pre-Katrina boom along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Gulfport mayor Brent Warr has the final words on whether Gulfport can come back from the blow: "We have an opportunity now to make it an absolutely unique place. God has come in and wiped the slate clean for us."

Wow, I had no idea God was a developer. Just imagine the opportunities to erect fancy new condos one day after God levels Kansas City with a few tornados, or the nifty new beachfront property God could create by letting half of California slide into the sea? I mean, what are a few thousand deaths in God's master development plan?

Warr has been mayor for two months. Personally, if I were a Gulfport resident, I'd run him out of town now and not wait for the next election. Yes, put on a brave front about rebuilding. But really, wait until all the friggin' bodies are buried before putting on your Joe Developer cap.