Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i agree with tom delay and susan collins!

Tom DeLay Says Something Right, I Mean Correct
I thought I would never say this, but I actually agree with Tom DeLay on something! In this bit is a quote from DeLay about suggestions to deal with higher gas prices by suspending the federal gasoline tax: "Now more than ever you're going to need . . . those highway trust funds, to rebuild the bridges that were destroyed, rebuild the railroads that were destroyed." Yes, lady and gentleman, Tom DeLay is right on at least this one thing! Hell, nobody can be wrong all the time, even the de facto President is right about one thing (for the record, he's right to be ashamed of trading Sammy Sosa).

And Susan Collins, Too
At the other extreme of the Republican Party is Maine Senator Susan Collins. In announcing a probe into the crappy response to Hurricane Katrina, she said:
"If our system did such a poor job when there was no enemy, how would the federal, state and local governments have coped with a terrorist attack that provided no advance warning and that was intent on causing as much death and destruction as possible? How is it possible that almost four years to the day after the attacks on our country, with billions of dollars spent to improve our preparedness, that a major area of our nation was so ill prepared to respond to a catastrophe?"
Fine question. I hope Collins and others pursue this honestly, and it doesn't become a whitewash for the utter failure to handle this disaster competently. Actually, it's not so strange for me to agree with Collins and her sister GOP Senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe. My only question is, ladies why do you stick with the party of Tom DeLay, Tom Coburn, Pat Robertson, and David Duke? (Ok, that last one is unfair!)