Monday, September 05, 2005

washington's official sport and more

Washington's official sport is well underway -- fingerpointing. One Republican quoted in this piece said one reason for the slow White House response was that so many people were on vacation. I'm sorry, that doesn't cut it. Remember before how the Bushies were saying that el jefe's five weeks in Crawford weren't really just a vacation? How he was holding meetings, including classified briefings with his Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, and video conferences, and doing all the paperwork and all that crap? Now suddenly they want to flip-flop on the whole vacation thing and say

"well gosh and golly, we were all in the sticks of Texas, or in Wyoming, or watching Spamalot in New York City, and none of our Blackberries were working and you know how hard it is to get Fox News out here, and well by the time we had booked a Greyhound ticket back to Washington it was, well..."


William Kristol, second-generation conservative *^$#, this time is actually reasonably on the mark in expressing Republican disappointment: "(Bush) has never really focused on the importance of good execution. I think that is true in many parts of his presidency." Yep, that's true. Remember the pledge to get Bin Laden "dead or alive"? Well, he's still alive and at large ALMOST FOUR YEARS LATER. Afghanistan is still a borderline disaster, the Taliban still around too. Iraq, well we ALL know how marvelous the follow-up there has been. The only piece of "good execution" there was with the White House print shop getting that "Mission Accomplished" banner out to that Navy aircraft carrier back in May 2003 just in time for the still-AWOL-from-the-Guard Bush to strut in front of the cameras and declare that Iraq was just peachy and our boys and girls would be home by the 4th of July. That, and in cutting taxes... oh yeah, Bush is also pretty good at approving the execution of retarded people in Texas, should give him credit for that too.

I went to school with terminal stoners who could do a better job than this, and with more compassion.

I am glad to see that at least in New Orleans most of the folks have been evacuated. It's gonna get ugly as they start opening doors and finding bodies. And many rural areas have yet to be reached by FEMA or anybody else. I'm guessing we'll end up with a body count higher than that of September 11; for sure the economic impact will be greater.

Read This

This is a harrowing read. I can't imagine being in a house and having to beat a hole in the roof as the water rises. And I can't imagine the guilt the author is feeling, having convinced one friend to stay to ride out the hurricane and now believing that friend is dead. Good luck to the author, and everybody else in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida hurt by the storm.