Friday, September 16, 2005

conservative humor?

The past few days Scott Stantis' avowedly conservative comic strip "Prickly City" has repeated conservative lies about Katrina. On Wednesday it said flat-out that "Liberals said Katrina was all Bush's fault". This of course is simply not true -- but many liberals AND moderates AND conservatives have blamed Bush for his de facto administration's slow-ass response in helping those stranded by Katrina's winds and floods. Hell, even George W. "What, me admit anything is wrong?" BUSH accepted responsibility and said the response was not good.

On Thursday, our favorite O'Reilly-style comic strip said that "The intensity of recent hurricanes has actually decreased". Utter bullshit, read this article about how most scientists agree that despite the real cyclical element to hurricanes, intensity HAS increased and is being made WORSE by the warmer waters we have created through global warming.

Then Prickly City's little black conservative girl character today said said "The hurricane cycle we're in right now is actually very normal." True in the sense that there is a cycle -- but that doesn't excuse the fact that the STRENGTH of storms is exacerbated by the warmer water produced by global warming.

Prickly City once in a while draws a smile with some little observation or funny drawing -- usually non-political observations or drawings. More often, it is "humorous" only for those who find the same lame disparaging remarks about Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean to be funny. Nothing wrong with poking fun from a conservative point of view (and it is far better than the overtly preachy B.C.), but this is nothing but a pack of lies. Oh, wait -- I guess that's why it appeals: listeners to Limbaugh, viewers of Hannity and O'Reilly, readers of the Post and Times -- New York Post and Washington Times, that is -- are USED to listening to packs of lies. They like them; the lies feel good, make them feel all warm and fuzzy, and allow them to stop thinking and allocate that particular responsibility to their superiors, occasionally letting loose with a "ditto" to show they're involved.

But all week Stantis ran info for the American Red Cross. Guess his feelings of guilt about repeating The Big Lie got to him a little, or he thought a feeble bit of "help" for the hurricane's victims would make his strip look less partisan and servile. And I guess having the little conservative girl be black is just another piece of conservative camouflage, like the GOP's habit of putting token people of color behind Bush when he speaks to an otherwise lily-white crowd.