Sunday, May 02, 2010

times square

Thank goodness the gasoline in that Nissan Pathfinder SUV didn't ignite in Times Square yesterday. That would have been ugly.

And now, as we await word who was responsible for the attempt, some on the right are attempting to shape the information battlefield. This guy says he thinks it was probably Islamic terrorists (based in part on some undefined degree of proximity to Comedy Central headquarters and the timing so soon after South Park attempted to depict Muhammad), but if not, it was liberal/anarchist nutjobs. The evidence for the left-wing attack theory? It was an SUV, and liberals hate SUVs. One commenter at this blog suggest an inside job by the Federal government so President Obama and FEMA can start rounding up and arresting opponents. Sort of a Reichstag fire scenario, I guess. The evidence for this view? Fevered imagination as far as I can tell.

Regardless of whether it was Islamic terrorists of the domestic or international kind, right-wing domestic terrorists (many "militia" types hate New York City, though there is at the moment ZERO public evidence for their involvement), left-wing terrorists, or people who just hate the theater, this was clearly an attempt at terrorism.



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