Tuesday, May 19, 2009

those climate skeptics, what a bunch

Climate change skeptics in Congress -- all Republicans, naturally -- had their day, holding a news conference to announce an alternative to the Democratic cap and trade bill in Congress.

They're feeling a bit besieged, these skeptics. But there's no reason to feel sorry for them - they held the White House for the last eight years, doing incalculable damage to efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and maybe prevent or mitigate global warming.

If I weren't opposed to torture, that crowd would be good candidates for some enhanced interrogations. We could ask, do you REALLY not believe the science, or are you merely protecting the interests of big business? In other words, are you stupid or are you venal?

For Ohio Republican John Boehner, the stupid part is true if he really thinks somebody is suggesting that carbon dioxide is a carcinogenic...



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