Wednesday, May 06, 2009

bolton moans about prosecutions

Former Bush hack John Bolton aka The Walrus (check out his 'stache) writes today to moan bitterly about the Obama Administration not doing enough to protect the people from the de facto Bush Administration from possible prosecution by nasty foreigners.

Boo hoo.

Bolton also writes, I believe strongly that criminalizing policy disagreements is both inappropriate and destructive.

Actually, I agree. But the issue here isn't policy disagreements. Nobody wants to penalize the Bushies for supporting war against Iraq, even though many strongly disagree with that.

It's about torture. And you see, this isn't criminalizing a policy disagreement. This is going after deliberate circumvention of existing US law and US treaty obligations. Big difference.

In any case, if Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility has its way, nobody will be prosecuted. What, are they siding with fellow lawyers out of professional loyalty?



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