Monday, March 16, 2009

torture, says red cross

The International Red Cross keeps its reports on conditions at POW camps confidential; that is so that it can gain access. But its report on Abu Ghraib was obtained and leaked somehow by professor and author Mark Danner. It confirms what has been alleged - systematic ill-treatment of high-value prisoners in a manner consistent with torture, the word used by the Red Cross.

The bad guys in question all were consistent in describing their treatment. But "A U.S. official familiar with the report said, 'It is important to bear in mind that the report lays out claims made by the terrorists themselves.'"

But surely these high-value terrorists were kept isolated, right? If so, to make such consistent claims would tend to confirm the validity of what the Red Cross found. If they were making it up or were exaggerating, they would be unlikely to come up with the same consistent story...



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