Thursday, January 29, 2009

that cia guy in algeria

The story about the allegations than Andrew Warren, apparently the top CIA dude in Algeria, raped two Algerian women (that we know of) after giving them knock-out drugs in drinks at his house, is pretty bad. Raping women in the country you are representing the US in is not very good form. Wonder what the Feds will do with him, if the allegations are true?

Oh, and another thing: apparently per ABC, "the women's accounts were backed up by videotapes that were found in the CIA officer's residence. The tapes, apparently secretly made, allegedly show the CIA officer engaged in sex acts with several women, including one of the alleged victims in the case who appears to be in a semiconscious state, the network reported."

I thought the CIA used videotape to record OTHER PEOPLE doing bad things that they could blackmail them over to make them give secrets to the US. Isn't taping YOURSELF doing something illegal kind of getting this backward?

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