Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So what is 55,000? The population of a mid-sized town in upstate New York? Money a teacher makes per year in Dallas, Texas.

Nope, it is the jobs lost in the US. In one day. Ranging from Caterpillar laying off 20,000 (!) because of dropping demand in places like China, to car companies like GM (2000) to communications outfits like Sprint (8000) and tech firms like Texas Instruments (3400).

So some government spending would be good right now, if Congress gets over the ideological complaints of the minority Republicans and gets a move on.

But one positive job development for Andy Pettitte, who signed with the New York Yankees. Sure, he took a pay cut (a mere $5.5 million, enough to buy a $100 grocery store gift certificate for everybody laid off yesterday) - but at least HE doesn't have to worry about finding a job now.


Blogger Sona said...

McDonalds is opening new stores. Go figure.

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