Friday, December 12, 2008

republicans bail out on bail out

So Senate Republicans are willing to kill the Detroit loan because they couldn't get certainty that unions at GM, Ford, and Chrysler wouldn't get sufficiently big pay cuts. This despite the fact that the UAW has said it is willing to cut costs.

Maybe this is a mistake on the UAW/Democratic side. But it's a bit sadistic of the Republicans to be trying to force a certain time for a pay cut for the union employees. Look if the Big Three survive, it's clear there will be some sort of changes. Why do the Republicans want to fine-tune the details?

Especially a bad look when they just want to make sure that one way or another, union employees are screwed over, when they have so firmly fought against any sort of Congressional interference in executive compensation. The difference? Executives give money to the Republicans.

So, on an alleged matter of principle, the Republicans are willing to risk however many jobs at General Motors and Chrysler, even as first-time applications for unemployment benefits hit a 26-year high.

Are there really any working people out there who still believe the Republicans are on their side?

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