Thursday, December 04, 2008

pinko america haters meet obama, urge unilateral disarmament

A bunch of aging old busy-body socialist bleeding-heart pinkos met with Barack Obama and demanded that American throw away a valuable tool in the war against terrorism and anti-Americanism. They told Obama that America had to stop using interrogation techniques that renowned experts like Dick Cheney think are no-brainers to use.

Who were these wusses who are so afraid of going to the dark side to protect all Americans from radical Islamofascist terrorists, even if it means beating them until their legs are turned to pulp and they die from their injuries?

A bunch of retired US military officers. Generals and admirals.

People like retired Navy rear admiral and ex-JAG John Hutson, who said "Fundamentally, those kinds of techniques are ineffective. If the goal is to gain actionable intelligence, and it is, and if that's important, and it is, then we have to use the techniques that are most effective. Torture is the technique of choice of the lazy, stupid and pseudo-tough."

The technique of the lazy, stupid and pseudo-tough. Well put, Admiral Hutson.

Let's review this again, boys and girls. Torture is ineffective. It gets all sorts of false positives from people who will say anything to make it stop. Even the ISRAELIS don't torture because they realized it just doesn't work.

And even more to the point, torture is un-American. It demeans you and me to have people torturing in our name. It even demeans the torturer. And it puts us in greater danger by angering people in countries around the world, some of whom decide to take up arms and join terrorist organizations against a country that tortures their fellow countrymen.

Outlawing torture should be one of the first things Obama does upon assuming office.



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