Friday, November 28, 2008

and today's theme is: obama

Occasionally themes spring to mind when I sit down in front of the keyboard. Today as we recover from too much turkey, booze, football, and family, I think the theme is a calming, soothing one: Obama.

Joe Biden didn't mean that foreigners would do things explicitly to challenge Obama, but that things would arise that would be a challenge to the new President, just as the US spy plane collision with the Chinese military aircraft did even before September 11. Pakistan and India will be a challenge, witness the terror attacks in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

Kathleen Parker has a surprisingly cogent article about how the personal style of Barack Obama - being a "weapon of mass attraction" - is a good one for the country and the world. It certainly stands in blessed contrast to the exaggerated uber-macho swagger of current de facto president George W. "Why Wait Till January 20 to Quit?" Bush.

Meanwhile, others are cashing in on the good Obama name. Don't you wish you'd gone long on Obama memorabilia about 12 months ago?

And a reporter with the terribly appropriate name for an article like this ("Hendrix", but not Jimi) writes an amusing article about how various Obamas in the DC area have become minor league celebrities. None of them are related to Barack Obama, apparently. In fact, they are mostly from the godforsaken African nation of Equatorial Guinea, home to most of the world's Obamas apparently, except for a few from Kenya and Japan. As one woman said, at least know when people hear her name they don't think "Osama." Despite Repubican political advertising.

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