Tuesday, May 20, 2008

leave hitler out of it

De facto President Bush's nasty little attack on Obama when he slammed appeasement before Israel's Knesset was the latest example of his de facto Administration's predilection to tar all enemies, domestic and foreign, with the brush of Nazism/Fascism. Witness the absurd word "Islamo-fascist" which makes little sense. Islam isn't fascism, and fundamentalist type Muslims desire a world which would have little of the corporatist/nationalist elements of fascism. But it's a cool word, even better than calling them Islamo-Liberals.

Anne Applebaum says it's time to quit lightly using the Hitler comparisons. She's right. Iran ain't Hitler. Obama ain't Chamberlain. Even the modern right-wing Republicans aren't Nazis or Fascists. (They are something bad - but not that precisely.) So let's all remember Godwin's Law - and lay off the lame and simplistic Hitler name-calling.



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