Sunday, February 03, 2008

squandering it

It stuns me that people can spend hundreds of dollars every week on drinking and eating out - and as this article discusses, we aren't just talking about the Donald Trumps but about regular people earning regular salaries.

I do find it ironic that Post writer Nancy Trejos writes that personal finance experts suggest that you "Eat at expensive restaurants only on special occasions, not on nights you simply don't feel like cooking. Entertain at home, and ask your friends to bring dishes or drinks."

Because remember, Trejos is the one who recently wrote "As a single, working woman, I don't cook. The last time I had been to a supermarket, frankly, was to buy bags of ice for a party."

In other words, she eats every meal out of the house. Not necessarily at expensive restaurants sure - but it adds up.

Still, the advice she gleaned from experts (surely not her OWN experience) about cutting back some on the drinking and entertaining is good to follow. I guess Trejos is like a doctor who smokes - he or she is still right when suggesting you quit, too.



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