Friday, February 15, 2008


The House found Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers to be in contempt for refusing "to cooperate with an investigation into the mass firings of U.S. attorneys and allegations that administration officials sought to politicize the Justice Department."

The Democrats had no choice - the de facto Bush Administration continues to take the most expansive interpretation of "executive privilege" ever. They offered to let Bolten and Miers testify as long as they didn't swear an oath, and no transcript was taken.

How generous. Given the well-documented predilection of this Administration to lie at any conceivable occasion, that was an offer nobody should accept.

"Contempt" has a legal connotation in this instance. But it is an accurate word, except the Bushies aren't just in contempt of the House.

They are contemptuous of America and the world, of anybody who hasn't drunk their Kool-Aid and doesn't see things exactly as they do.

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