Sunday, July 08, 2007


The next time de facto President George Bush complains about how Congress has "drug out" the Great US Attorney Massacre, remember it is being "drug out" (in his elegant phrase) because of consistent stonewalling by the White House and the so-called Department of Justice. A fine example is today's report in the Post that the White House has supposedly decided to defy Congress again and refuse to supply more information related to the firing of the US attorneys. It seems the White House lawyers are ready to go to court on this because they think they can win. Legal experts don't necessarily share that assessment, though.

The White House has also directed former aides Harriet "Not on the Supreme Court" Miers and Sara Taylor not to respond to Congress's subpoenas. Taylor's lawyer has said (and I paraphrase) "oh boo hoo, li'l Sara shouldn't have to choose between responding to Congress and disappointing her dearly beloved President". To which I say, tough. Congress has the legal ability to compel people to testify. Too bad if you have to say something the White House won't like.

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