Saturday, May 05, 2007

some predictions on iraq

Reading Juan Cole's Informed Comment can be kind of depressing. Not the professor's fault; it's depressing because it is informative about the realities in Iraq today.

Today, Cole has an interesting piece from an unnamed guest, who offers 19 predictions for what will happen over the rest of 2007 in Iraq. I urge you to read the whole thing, but a few snippets below...
As US troops replace withdrawing Brits in the Shiite south of Iraq, we'll see major problems for our forces in an area where they have no experience.

A coordinated rocket attack will hit the Green Zone.

More kidnappings of Americans.

The Maliki government will continue to refuse to share power with Sunnis or Kurds.

Rising rates of suicide among over-extended, over-stressed American military personnel.

Bush will use either the success or failure (much the more likely) of the surge as a reason to refuse to bring any troops home.
Not a pretty picture.


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