Saturday, May 05, 2007

what to do with norris hall

Virginia Tech has to decide what to do with Norris Hall, where Seung-Hui Cho killed 30 people (and himself). I agree with one student quoted, that the school shouldn't tear the building down. In general, I tend to NOT want to destroy sites of such tragedies/atrocities, partly because you then have to ask yourself, where to stop? Why not also tear down the dorm where Cho killed two? Why not raze every building where somebody killed somebody else? How do you decide? (Comparisons to Oklahoma City and the WTC aren't appropriate -- those attacks destroyed the buildings anyway.)

Best suggestion -- name it after professor Liviu Librescu, who held the door shut while his students escaped out a window before Cho forced the door open and killed him. There is a petition to rename the building after the elderly Holocaust survivor. That is a great idea.


Blogger Hamster said...

Please check out the link to this blog in support of converting parts of Norris Hall into the Institute for Transformative Learning

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