Monday, February 05, 2007

two bush projections

Here are two possible projections by de facto President George W. Bush. Determine whether you believe one, both, or neither of them are true and check below for the answer. No peaking.

A) Bush projects that his budget plan will produce a surplus by 2012 based on strong economic growth, diminishing costs of the war in Iraq, and slashing domestic spending, all while keeping his tax cuts.

B) Bush projects that under his plans for NASA, humans will live in giant banana-shaped pleasure domes on the moon by 2014, where the rich and famous will be served low-gravity boilermakers by seleniums, the race of small, polite and vaguely squirrel-shaped residents of the moon that science has yet to discover.

So which one is right? Or maybe both?

The answer is of course, "neither."



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