Friday, February 09, 2007

of dead blondes and retired gays

I didn't really pay much attention to Anna Nicole Smith. Of course, I heard about her -- it is difficult in celebrity-obsessed America to avoid such figures, and no pun intended, she was a larger-than-life figure.

But I feel bad for her. She was harassed over the recent drug-induced death of her son, and she was harassed over the paternity of her daughter, born just a few weeks ago. And now she'll be harassed in death, as people do stupid stuff like vandalize her entry at Wikipedia and speculate over whether her dead husband's rich family offed her.

Former NBA player John Amaechi is coming out with a book in which he is, well, coming out as gay. Some day, an active-duty gay man in a team sport will reveal his sexuality before retirement. He'll have a tough time of it, although not as bad as it would have been 20 years ago. Michael Wilbon's column about Amaechi and some of the responses is worth a read.


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