Sunday, October 08, 2006

darth cheney plods on

It's a funny kind of campaign de facto vice president Dick Cheney does -- quiet, behind the scenes, dour, full of bad news and negativity, with the GOP candidates he's campaigning for frequently declining to be seen on stage with him.

Can't blame them I guess, this article said Cheney's positives were UP to 34% in the Wall Street Journal. And I don't even believe those numbers, since earlier this year I'd seen numbers for Cheney in the single digits. Cheney's speechifying has been effective at raising money for candidates, but even to the GOP faithful, his campaign speech -- which in a nutshell is "if the Democrats take power we will all die" -- is getting old and underscores the fact that today's Republicans don't have much positive to offer.

Unless, of course, you think shredding the Constitution and torturing people (not to mention sheltering pedophiles) is a positive agenda.


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